MacBook Pro 2018: An Order Has Been Placed

So today in the morning I did it and finally ordered a new MacBook Pro Mid-2018. After many years of saying “yes” and “no” I have finally decided that it was time for a new machine.

MacBook Pro Unibody Mid-2012

So far, I’ve been using my trusted Mid-2012 MBP which I upgraded with 512GB Samsung SSD and 16GB of RAM right after I purchased it.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 17.18.03.png

Unibody Mid-2012 was the last model with a customizable RAM and storage. So I saved huge money by DIY approach instead of buying it directly from Apple or buying Retina MacBook Pro which was also already available. Actually, I have Retina MBP ordered, but canceled the order and opted for Unibody instead.

The “problem” with this MacBook is that it just lasts. For six years, it’s still in a pretty good shape. At first sight at least.

As you can see, it’s still in pretty good shape except for few scratches and a broken display. All of it my fault and negligence. I had to use a screen protector to prevent the glass from falling down to the keyboard and I’ve lived with this hack for the last two years. Otherwise, this machine is just fine.

So why the hell did I need to buy a new one if this one is working? Because even though MacBook didn’t change, I did. I started using more than Safari, Mail and Office suite. I started programming and making online courses and with more demanding projects, Camtasia is starting to catch a breath. Also, I realized that I rather avoid working on it without the external display attached, because in some cases, the resolution is simply too small to fit in all the panels and tools. Camtasia and Sketch are the most obvious examples.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 17.36.10.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 17.35.28.png

MacBook Pro Mid-2018

So until lately when Apple introduced a 32GB RAM version, I had really no incentive to buy a new machine. Yes, broken display sucks, yes, cramped apps suck too, but it was not enough to force me to upgrade. When I consider an upgrade, I want to have numbers bumped up. I know that Retinas were already faster than my Unibody, but it didn’t feel right to buy something only slightly better on paper. The same went for new form factor with Touch Bar. But 32 gigs of RAM changed everything and I’ve started considering leaving my trusty Unibody behind after 6 years.

But this was not without worries.


Everybody and their mother talk about how amazingly screwed up the new keyboard is. Not only that it’s too loud to use in some environment like school, but that this new butterfly mechanism actually causes keys to stick and never return back to their original position. Apple reacted with the 3 revisions so far which seem to fix most of the problems, but obviously not the primary one, the flawed design. I’ve tried the keyboard myself in the store recently and since I got used to iPad and Surface keyboard, I believe I’ll have no problem using this one as well.


I hope when my MacBook arrives, it will already sport a new macOS Mojave and this issue with BridgeOS panic will be finally sorted out.


I opted for the i7 processor. Regarding the clock speed I’ve read that 2.6 is no better than 2.2 in real use, but considering the total price, a mere few bucks for 2.6 is just a drop in the ocean, so I ordered 2.6 fully aware of the fact that the difference will probably be negligible at best.

What’s next?

Once a new Mac is in my hands, I will do my best to make this first article into a series focused on using Macs 🙂


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