I Have Been So Stupid About Fitness

There are so many lies surrounding the fitness industry, it’s no wonder that people swallow happily all the BS peddled by those with a financial interest. Fitness is a big industry because everyone wants to look like their favorite role model and we are told that it’s not possible without special supplements, special movements, special approach, and special trainers.

Special trainers are especially funny people because they serve the industry as useful idiots and spread the faith in fake sugar bars and energy drinks on their social accounts. Anyone with two legs and hands feels entitled these days to call himself a fitness guru. These gym sharks are everywhere, they lack knowledge and experience, but they talk with pride and confidence. 

Few visits to the local gym, few bad-form push-ups, special movements in front of the mirror to spark the interest and they are ready to change the world. They repeat the same old mantras pushed by the industry for decades, happily post useless products on social networks to get likes and attract new followers and spread the lies they actually believe.

I’ve been so stupid to trust these people. I thought that their academic titles and boldness meant they understood what they preached. I didn’t realize how empty they were because it was easier for me to blindly follow someone with credentials than to work on myself and study to gain some knowledge and skills on my own.

You will probably find them in your local gym too, they are waiting on the treadmill for their next victim, waving with their run-of-the-mill PT certificates, talking about the same old and multiple times disproved BS. Taking money for nothing, letting their clients stuck in the same spot for years, treating them as fat cows they can milk infinitely.

These gurus are very active on social networks with embarrassing slogans, posts, and stories. One day, they promote energy drinks, the next day, they promote fake sugar bars and keto cakes from almond flour. Sometimes they post a photo with some textbook to assure you that they know what they are talking about.

They usually have some special method nobody in the whole world knows about. They eat protein bars and drink protein shakes, they promote Big Fitness and hope that somebody from the industry will take notice. They want to be ambassadors and influencers, they want to earn money and open their own gym, they want to spread their gospel.

Please, don’t be like me. Don’t let these fitness gurus steal health, time and money from you. Don’t swallow their BS. Don’t listen to their futile and sometimes even dangerous advice.

You have a functioning brain, so use it. Listen to people who actually know something. Listen to people who don’t want your money but who actually want to help you. Learn from well-known, educated and experienced people who have hundreds of thousands of followers, who walk their talk, who post free quality content and who have successful businesses. 

Don’t fall victim to some chick in colorful shorts who claims that she understands this or that because she managed to pay for the third-grade fitness course from local supplement re-seller. Be vigilant, it’s your health and nobody should care about it more than you. Don’t be stupid like me, do your homework, stop wasting your money on useless supplements, listen to your body, eat real food, sleep as much as you can and forget about all the latest and greatest tricks, protein bars and mambo-jumbo special methods like activating the core with a wooden stick while walking on the rubber band.

If you want to know how to train properly, read Starting Strength by Mark Ripptoe.

If you want to listen to some no BS content, pick Joe Rogan’s podcast.

If you want to gain weight, take advice from Stan Efferding.

If you want to lose weight, read The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung.

These guys achieved something meaningful, they have millions of followers and they know their shit. I doubt that the chick from your gym could say the same.


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