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From WordPress to Ghost in the JAMstack

Development Ditch that slow and expensive WordPress blog and learn how to free your mind and save money with modern technologies that will boost your website to the next level. Read More ›

Build a Simple Contact List with SwiftUI

Development Swift UI makes the iOS development a whole lot easier. Let's see how to create a simple contact list with it. Read More ›

Total Web Development Course

Development Imagine you take one course as a total beginner without any programming experience and after only few hours, you'll end up as a full-stack web developer with your own discussion platform. Read More ›

Anyone Can Code #1: What is HTML?

Development You should learn how to code. Let's start with HTML basics! Read More ›

MacBook Pro Developer Edition

Development Will this dream ever come true? Read More ›

Who Needs WordPress Anyway?

Development Learn why you don't have to pay top dollar to get fast WordPress hosting when you can have far better, faster and more secure alternative for free. Read More ›

Talker | Reloaded (Part 2)

Development Resurrecting Talker after almost two decades and why it matters. Read More ›

Don't Be Afraid of Regular Expressions

Development Regular expressions are very powerful and intimidating at the same time. Let's see why there's no reason to fear them! Read More ›

Talker | Reloaded (Part 1)

Development Resurrecting Talker after almost two decades and why it matters. Read More ›

Hexo on Netlify

Netlify and Hexo brings you some serious performance for exactly zero dollars per month. Read More ›

Git 2.0

Some more stuff about Git. Read More ›

Jekyll on GitHub in 10 seconds

Development Static website is secure and fast by definition. Did I mention it's also free? Read More ›

Smart development with Docker

Development Be smart, use playgrounds, work with containers. Read More ›


Let's talk about the best version control system out there. Read More ›

Laravel/Homestead — the real installation guide

Development Looking for the tutorial that actually works? Here's one! Read More ›